It is known as cellulitis, the accumulation of adipose tissue in certain areas of the body, forming fatty nodules of fat. Other names for this entity are: lipodystrophy gynoid, or better known as orange peel.

More than 85% of women after puberty have some degree of cellulite, being more common in some ethnic groups than others. There seems to be a hormonal component in their development; in men it is rare to find cellulite that’s given because women have two hormones, progesterone and estrogen, which favor the accumulation of fatty deposits of fat and fluid retention, resulting to cellulite.

In Bellatriz it has the best equipment with the Elos technology, known as VelaShape II combines infrared, bipolar RF and absorption to apply heat to tissues accurately even from 3mm to 15 mm deep.

In Clinical Bellatriz we recommend you always have a contact with one of our dermatologists to determine the most appropriate treatment for you.

Velashape II



  • Remove the cellulite alterations: hypertrophy localized fat, deep fibrotic skin retraction, localized edema and sagging skin and body shaping.
  • It is accepted by the FDA (Food and Drugs Administration) and EC (European Community) for the treatment of cellulite and body shaping equipment.
  • The technology is based on the simultaneous use of 4 types of energies that act directly on the area to be treated.

Infrared light with 750 nm radiation. penetrates the deeper layers of the skin activating blood circulation and metabolism of adipocytes to decrease its volume. The massage roller do a lymphatic drainage, allowing the reduction of edema that characterizes cellulite. The vacunterapia through a suction mechanism destroys the anchor points of cellulite decreasing skin retraction. And bipolar radio frequency increases the temperature of the surface fat with lipolytic fatty tissue remodeling also stimulates fibroblasts to increase collagen and elastin synthesis by decreasing the sagging skin.

Frequently Asked Questions

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The four technologies when applied simultaneously in 6 or more sessions, achieves surprising effects in the treatment of cellulite and body contouring. But from the first session you will notice the difference.

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You need an assessment by one of our aestheticians in our beauty center, there will be evaluated regarding taking measures, indicators of weight and body mass and metabolic composition, which will help the process to make it a success.