Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are the result of the breakage of the elastic fibers of the skin. When the skin is stretched the fibers with less elasticity are broken creating marks that we call stretch marks. At first the striae are pinkish then reddish and finally white. Stretch marks are basically the reflection of the tearing of the skin. The skin when stretching does not hurt, sometimes it can produce a sensation of light ardor. Stretch marks are more common in the abdomen, but also appear on the thighs, hips, bust and arms.

Frequently asked questions

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There are several causes. The causes of stretch marks are varied. The skin is stretched to accommodate the increase in body volume. The skin is very elastic and can tolerate stretching even if it is very large and in a short period of time. But the skin has a limit, when this limit is reached the deep layers of skin break.

This rupture can be seen on the outer layers of the skin. This is what we know as stretch marks. The loss of collagen and elasticity in the skin causes stretch marks, expression lines, loss of skin tone and wrinkles. When there is a loss of elasticity and collagen or excessive stretching of the skin the stretch marks appear.

Sudden changes on weight. For this reason, stretch marks are very common during pregnancy. Hormonal changes. Heritage.

This is the most common cause. Dry skin combined with poor nutrition that does not provide all the nutrients to the skin makes the skin more prone to developing stretch marks. Ethnic group. People of African descent tend to have less stretch marks. Rapid development of muscles. This is the case of the bodybuilder. The muscles grow very large very fast and the skin breaks down creating stretch marks.

Most dermatologists claim that they can not be corrected when there is stretching of the skin, for example during pregnancy. However in Bellatriz you will find all the necessary measures to prevent them, we have all the experience and technology necessary to guarantee the results you expect.