Laser hair removal

The Light Sheer Diode Laser from Bellatriz Clinic provides the worlds most advanced and effective treatment for unwanted hair removal, this laser is currently the only one that has proven through long-term studies that can give permanent hair reduction results, and this is endorsed by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) of the United States.

It is also the only laser for hair removal that can be used on any skin from brown to clearest skin, as well as practically any area of ​​the body.

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Because the hair has 3 different phases of growth, Anagen, Catagen and Telogen, which are respectively ACTIVE, PASSIVE and FALL; Take 1 to 3 weeks to switch from one phase to another. It is in the ANAGENIC or ACTIVE phase when there is melanin and it is when we can destroy the hair root, but not all the hairs are in the same phase is required of 10 sessions in average to cover all the hairs in the phase of active growth .

The work guarantees the removal of hair between 70% and 85%.
With the remaining 20% ​​or 30% of cases it will suffice simply to maintain an annual maintenance session.
It can be guaranteed that in general an effective, lasting and permanent hair removal is obtained.

According to recent studies, the LightSheer Duet diode laser achieves a permanent hair removal in a high percentage of hair follicles, being the safest treating dark skin.
This is because the laser diode has a longer wavelength, does not compete so much with the melanin of the epidermis, so the risk of having pigmentation or superficial burn is less.

You should go to the consultation without depilating with wax or another method to root the hair, at least 4 weeks before treatment. The proper depilatory system before a laser session is to shave with a sheet.
The skin hydration is necessary to maintain it in healthy conditions and protect it. It is advisable to apply regularly moisturizers before and after the laser treatment of LightSheer Duet diode.

Side effects are rare and, if any, are usually of minor importance. They may include redness and swelling around the hair follicle, which are, in fact, positive clinical results as they indicate that the follicle responded to treatment.

• Suspicion of immunosuppressive disorders (tumors, HIV)
• Infections of the skin (eczema, shingles or simply, formation of keloids, etc.)
• Febrile disorders
• Photosensitizing medical treatments (Roacutan, Tigason, etc.). Wait at least 6 months.
• Depilation in area near the eyeball
• Mucous