Facial cleansing

The impurities, the contamination the own fat that generates our skin can end up obstructing the pores and preventing the skin to breathe. Therefore, a proper facial cleansing should not be limited to cleansing and removing the skin daily.
In Clinica Bellatriz we offer a deep cleaning with Microdermabrasion that works with precise formulas with the most potent natural ingredients. It provides intensive and refreshing hydration, light renewal, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, repairs, nourishes and improves skin texture.

Frequent questions

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Number of sessions: Every 2 or 3 months.

Duration of the procedure: One hour.

None, is suitable for everyone. Only if you are under acne treatment with isotretinoins, this procedure is not recommended, given the sensitivity that the skin generates. For this case we offer a much more superficial cleaning that moisturizes and protects your skin.