The Department of Nariño is a territory of 33,268 Km2, located in the southwest of Colombia, bordered on the North by the Department of Cauca, on the East by the Department of Putumayo, on the South by the Republic of Ecuador and on the West by the Pacific Ocean, it has an excellent geostrategic location because the biogeographic Pacific, the Amazon, the Andes and the international border of Colombia and South America converge.

From a geographical point of view, the Department of Nariño has favorable conditions and easy access to patients from Ecuador, as there are also excellent communication roads from Ecuador to Colombia and at this time the National Government also approved the resources for the double road Pasto / Rumichaca, which will be an infrastructure project of great benefits for both Regions.

The articulation of different sectors and the active participation of the actors is what precisely generate value to this important Health Tourism Industry. Hence, the national and regional commitment to strengthen this important sector.